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Bridget Linda Froemming,
I'm in your walls.
But not only am I in your walls but I'm also in your head.  You've made this a war that you won't win.  This is now much more than just sending each other fun letters.  I've exceeded the physical limitations of the post office and your mailbox.  I am everywhere.  Letters will start to take different shapes and forms and will come from all directions.  Directions that you won't expect. 

Embrace yourself, as these next letters may appear in non-suspecting places, but it does not mean that they will be easy to grasp.  

Much loathing,
P.S.  if you haven't subscribed to or checked out my site, please do, you're already here :)
P.S.S.  that Rockville poster is really nice, even more impressive in person...
P.S.S.S.  haha made you look dont you feel dumb hahahaha
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