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TOTAL Youtube Views

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Click thru Rate


Click Through Rate Lifetime.png

Average View Duration


Average View Duration Lifetime.png

Age/Gender demographics

Age and Gender Lifetime.png

Female 47.1%     Male 52.8%

Primary Age Groups: 18-24 and 25-34

Top videos

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Average View Duration  as high as 2min 44sec

Mountains and Mansions live 7-day

Mountains and Mansions Live Graph 7 Day.
Mountains and Mansions Live 7 Day.png

Average View Duration for Mountains and Mansion: 2min 3sec

Timmy and Jimmy 1-Month

Timmy and Jimmy Table 1 month.png

Cult of personality Live 14-Day

Cult of Personality Live 14 Day.png

Yer Blues

Yer Blues Live 7 Day Table.png
Yer Blues Click Through Graph 7 Day.png
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